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Xmas 2016
Once again it is Christmas, and this year I got the tree up by the skin of my teeth.  It's a new tree.  The one I had a few years ago was about five feet tall, and I was no longer physically up to dressing it, so I gave it away.  For a couple of years I made do with an extremely cheap thing from Dollarama that was scarcely 18 inches tall.  This year, I got a very good deal on this 40 inch tree with fake snow for about $30.  It has built in white lights, but I've added two strings of coloured LEDs as well.  You've all see Christmas trees, so maybe I won't post the photo.  Instead, I'll post the tradition dressing of Saara Mar for Christmas!  This year, the leg lamp is new -- you may have recognized it as the "major award" from Jean Shepherd's "A Christmas Story" ... although it is a bit small.  [Sculpture of Saara Mar by Rubin Avila.]
Callahan's Island p02
I've had a lot of trouble getting back to this job, despite it being virtually finished.  The drawn pages needed going over a second time, in darker pencil, to scan well.  Even then, a lot of light pencil lines that weren't wanted were picked up by the scan and had to be painted out by hand.  I always seem to do this to myself -- I set a price based on the creation of something, but I never take into account the follow-up work and end up spending three times as many hours on the job as I'm paid for.  This is why painters and commercial studios charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  A typical comic company like Marvel or DC would have a budget of several hundred dollars for every page, which includes pencils, ink, lettering and colour.  However, you can't charge that kind of money to fan collectors, who can usually afford only a fraction of that.  Anyway, I've learned my lesson ... again... for now... and will have to "finish" the remaining pages to a lower standard.  There is no reason why these pages have to look squeaky clean when blown up to the size of a table top.  Four more pages to go, if I recall right.  (It's been a while.)

Page 1 Callahan's Island p01s by TaralWayne
Cutie Marks No One Wants (alt)
Recently obliged to view the entire season five of My Little Pony, a number or erratic ideas went through my mind. One of them was that ponies or not, the did have awful cute asses... no pun intended. The other was this:
Muddy Bloom
The customer is always right!  When asked if I'd do a Pony named Apple Bloom all covered in mud, my first question was "Who's that?" and my second was "in dollars and cents, how much work do you want done?"  I had several other things going on at the same time, so it took some while to do it, but the work was finished tonight ... as far as I know.  The customer may always be right, but they aren't always very clear.
Broken Toys 50
I promised to finish the final issue of my personal zines in August ... and did.  But then I had the bright idea of colouring a new piece of art for the cover, and the effort became so involved that it took me close to a month.  But I think the delay was worth it.

Here we see Kiki Fraggle for the first time in her natural colour, a cause to celebrate in itself.

The final issue is 74 pages long, including over 30 of letters of comment.


TaralWayne's Profile Picture
Taral Wayne
Artist | Professional | Varied

Why do I belong to DeviantArt? On Monday, Apr 7, 2008, 2:36 AM I was advised in strong terms to create a website where I could show my art to SF fans. Of course, even with free webspace available, I have no idea how to create a website, anyway, so I joined DeviantArt instead. I already belonged to FurAffinity, but the material posted there is oriented to furry and erotic art. What I needed was a place to show art to the “straights,” viewers who are not entirely comfortable with fur, fetishes, anime and semi-literacy…

Not that you won’t find a little of that in my DeviantArt presence. But the emphasis here is on fanzine covers, science fiction, fantasy and humour.



Let me start something like 40 years ago... I've been deeply involved with Science Fiction fandom since the early 1970's, and after that much time it would be surprising if I hadn’t left some sort of impression. For one thing, I was the Fan Guest of Honour at the worldcon in Montreal, in 2009. As of this year, I've also been nominated 11 times for the Hugo award as Best Fanartist. I haven’t won yet, but they say that miracles happen. I was awarded the Rotsler prize for fanart in 2008, which at least comes with cash.

The key to winning is probably reaching outside of the small fanzine community, which while not strictly closed, isn't well known to SF fandom as a whole. Most of the winners in recent years seem to have had presences in spin-off fandoms such as Trek or gaming or costuming. More recently, on-line activity seems to have been pushing aside traditional media. The winners were also able to attend conventions where they could display their work in the art show. I don't really have those options, but there was one way I could match other artists. An on-line presence. Let my work speak for itself. Of course, I’m not naïve enough to think that good work will win out over networking and popularity, but I can always dream.

The problem with my page on FurAffinity is as I’ve said. It’s a pretty mixed bag, with a heavy emphasis on furry art, and much of it is too erotic or too kinky for a general audience. Friends urged me to find a different site for a showcase.

After a little thought, Deviant Art seemed the best option. Here I am. Browse thoroughly. Don't miss any folders regardless what I called them. And vote often...



If you don't mind, rather than rewrite the same boring old details about myself, I'll quite from FurAffinity.

Artist Profile:
I've been drawing almost before TV's were common, let alone computers and the internet. I was drawing furry characters before there was such a fandom. I might have been the first to use a computer to cut mimeograph stencils to publish an SF fanzine. But it's almost an entirely different world now, and I tend to be a bit slow keeping up. I don't carry a cell phone, own an iPod, known how to ICQ, use PayPal, or know how to operate my digital camera yet. But I try to hang in there.

What I have done (before middle age began to slow me down) includes some magazine and book illustration, a short and obscure career in b/w comics, private commissions, dealer at cons, and too many years as an active science fiction fan to care to number.

Because of the internet, making a living has become a lot trickier, it seems. It's multiplied the number of artists a hundredfold, but the audience is accustomed to 99% of the art being free. It's hard to know if there's a net gain. At the same time travel has gotten more expensive, and the border a paranoid free-fire zone. Cons are a memory. The final insult, a Canadian dollar is over par with the buck. If I take $100 US to the bank, it appears as a two figure entry in my bankbook now. Maybe I should just get a real job, like I had when I was 25. On the other hand, if I hold out another decade, I can 'retire' on welfare, and enjoy the first real prosperity I've ever known, and finally draw what I want!

Ambition is a cruel master.

Current Residence: Toronto
Favourite genre of music: Anything but rap, gospel, or country.
Operating System: Window XP Pro
Personal Quote: "Great men are rarely good men" -- Lord Acton

The discouraging thing is that although I’ve been off-line for the last few days, the world just went on spinning without me.

I have been having some health issues this winter.  These included a swollen leg, shortness of breath that made sleep difficult, and a heart that pounded like a Tyrannosaurus-sized bongo drum with the least exertion.  It was a challenge to put on my shoes ... or even point a remote at the TV.  All of these signs pointed to an obvious diagnosis: Congestive Heart Failure.

So I saw a doctor.  She listened to parts of my anatomy gurgle and burp and said CHF was likely, but also I had one lung full of water!  She wrote me a prescription for a diuretic and told me to fill it and take one immediately.  She also booked me into St. Joseph Hospital for an ultrasound scan and EKG. 

So I took the pill, and what do you know?  I felt better that night, and got a proper night's sleep for the first time in ages.  

I kept the appointment at St. Joe's a couple of days later, and they told me that the membrane that encloses my heart – called the pericardium – was also full of water, and its pressure on my heart was what was causing it to labour with such difficulty.  There wasn't much wrong with the ticker itself. 

More appointments were booked for further examination.  They were on the same day in fact, the first one for an additional ultrasound of my chest and then another with my GP that afternoon.  I never made it to the second appointment.  A cardiologist appeared after the ultrasound and said I wasn't going anywhere.  He was finding me a bed at St. Joe and I was going to remain there under observation.

Naturally, I wasn't expecting this, and wasn't prepared in the least.  When I took stock of the situation, though, I wasn't as badly off as I might have been.   I had pocketed some money do some later shopping, had a book with me, and always kept a card with important phone numbers in my wallet.  I had turned all the lights off at home before I left, and no longer had a cat to care for.  Everything was more or less copacetic!

The next few days were, in a way, a welcome change of pace … although I spent a lot of that time having sharp things stuck in me, and vital juices sucked out.  My usual round of meds were adjusted as well, for reasons not then apparent to me.

I started calling friends the first evening, and next day got one of them, who lived reasonably close, to come by for my apartment keys and bring me back a load of necessary stuff: fresh undies, my portable drawing board set, pens and pencils, a docket of unfinished work to complete, my reading glasses, more books, my fuzzy slippers, this, that, and the other thing … and finally a USB memory stick.

Also on Day Two, one of my other friends brought over an old laptop running XP, which I knew how to use.  The idea was that I could use it to connect to FaceBook and FurAffinity.  E-mail was out, however, since I had no portable source of addies.  Unfortunately, we were unable to connect with the hospital's WiFi service, so that idea had to be abandoned.  I was able to listen to music on my USB stick, though, and on Day Three I began writing a journal that I saved to the stick for later completion.  The laptop wasn't a total loss, by any means. 

When Day Four began, the novelty was beginning to wear thin.  Still being in hospital and not having any idea when I’d be released was no longer an agreeable “change of pace,” but was instead becoming a drag.  I was served cream of fucking wheat for breakfast … again.  I have more appetite for garden slugs than cream of wheat.  But unexpectedly, the cardiologist sent me down for one last ultrasound to make certain that the swollen leg wasn’t due to an arterial blockage.  It wasn’t, so he said I could go home that day!

I was feeling far better by then.  The diuretic I had been put on had drawn the fluids out of my lung, and the pounding in my chest had become a dim memory.  I could walk all the way across the cardiac care unit and use the bathroom all by myself, and walk all the way back.  Since I still suffer from Myasthenia Gravis, that’s as normal as I’m ever likely to be again.    The doctor had taken me off a medication for high blood pressure, though.  It had been prescribed to me ages ago my first doctor, a negligent quack who viewed his profession as an easy way to make a good living from helpless patients.  I won’t go into a list of his high crimes and misdemeanors – enough to say that he added other medications to the first, but never took me off it.  Years later, I paid for it.  At St. Joe I had stopped taking it, and my blood pressure did not rise at all.  The other meds had it under complete control, and the original prescription was utterly unnecessary.   Worse, it had side effects – it caused fluid retention, i.e. edema.  Very likely Dr. Quack’s prescription of a superfluous drug had led directly to my leg bloating up, my difficulty breathing and mild CHF.  

The drug can also cause spurious muscle pains … another minor complaint from which I’ve been suffering, and which had been chalked up as “neuropathic” in origin.  (That is, there was nerve damage but no clear cause.)  It’s possible that the nuisance of spasming leg muscles and strange transient aches will also disappear over time.

So now I’m home again, feeling better than I have since before Christmas, taking fewer drugs … and those I still take actually do me some good.  My ticker is just fine!

Not bad for a Friday the Thirteenth!

  • Listening to: Televison likely, Tom Waits, Yes, or Blondie.
  • Reading: "Julian Comstock", Robert Charles Wilson
  • Watching: ...the little words moving across the screen
  • Playing: With little toy cars (1l18 scale).
  • Eating: Yes, but trying to watch my weight.
  • Drinking: Are you paying the tab? I'll have a Dramboui


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